Best Practices in Jewelry Insurance & Care

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10 Jewelry Investments to Make in 2022

It’s not just the stock market and property that build your investment portfolio. In recent years, jewelry investment has been performing better than traditional equivalents, including real estate in some of the United States’ most sought-after cities. The difference is that you don’t want to approach jewelry investment like buying a piece of real estate. Investing in jewelry is like buying a piece of fine art. You have to know what to look for, the history of the piece, and the potential for it to

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How to Protect Your Priceless Jewelry

How to Protect Your Priceless Jewelry: Jewels are a vital fashion accessory. There are various types of jewels and most of it comprises of precious stones and metals. Most people purchase it at very high prices, but do not realize how troublesome it is to replace without jewelry insurance. Here is how to avoid common mistakes to make sure you’re protected. What Jewels Insurance Covers: You should always be alert for a way to keep your jewelry safe from prying eyes. Most of the time,

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Wedding Ring Insurance 101

Wedding Ring Insurance 101 If you have not thought about getting insurance for your wedding ring, now is the time to give it some serious consideration. We insure our car, our house, and our health, but what about insuring a piece of jewelry that conveys one of the most significant events in our life? Wedding rings are typically the most expensive and meaningful items that we own. It is a symbol of our love and commitment to our partner. It is the proverbial emblem of

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How Do You Define Replacement

How Do You Define Replacement?  Your homeowners insurance might cover your earrings as scheduled personal property, and you might think you’re covered if something happens to one of your jewelry pieces, and it will be replaced, but not all insurance companies have the same coverages. Varying policies have different claim settlement methods that can be confusing. We will go over some of these differences and provide some examples. Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value Receiving total compensation for your lost valuables has its trade-offs. That

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