The Concierge of Modern Jewelry Insurance

Competitive Quotes Fast

The Concierge of Modern Jewelry Insurance

Competitive Quotes Fast


At Insurance Peacock we have a great team of underwriters ready to help our agencies and agents. We excel in customer support and our technology has only begun expanding. We will continue to work on bringing you the absolute best rates and customer experience. 

It is more than just the things we protect. It’s about our members. It’s about making them smarter about risks. It’s about helping them reduce their chances of experiencing a claim. The goal is to make them more resilient so that they can recover faster and easier in the event of a disaster. Peacock is specifically designed to meet the needs of all agents and handling the most complex coverages with the goal of doing what’s right for them.

It all comes down to trust. You trust your home to your homeowners insurance. Trust your jewelry to the actual jewelry experts. Find out how it all works and what our expertise means for you.

Insure your client's jewelry in 3 easy steps:

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Underwriter Review

Our professional underwriters will assess your risk and provide the best rates.

Policy Issuance

Once the information is gathered and the quote is provided, our underwriters are standing by to bind.


Get a free quote

We provide you with an easy-to-use system to get quotes instantly (if qualified) and connect with state-of-the-art brokers and underwriters.

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Learn more about how Peacock can help you insure anything of beauty.

Jewelry, collectives, fine art and much more!

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